What is Natural Wine?

This is a controversial subject with no uniform definition. In the broadest sense, natural wine is wine made from organic grapes (e.g. no herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilisers) which is then made with the least intervention possible. By intervention we mean overt winemaker manipulation: fermentation with commercial yeasts, additions of acid or sulphur, overt oak treatment, no micro-oxydation or other heavy manipulation; this also means minimal fining and filtration and minimal addition of sulphur. It is a widely held belief that a natural wine should remain in its truest form, that is without additions or mechanical manipulations. What sets 'natural' apart from other wines is that it has not been altered or adulterated.

While natural wine has a reputation for being funky or weird and  be challenging, at its truest expression the wine will taste of the vineyard where it was grown, telling a story of the vintage and those who coaxed life into it. Natural wine is alive.