The influence of amphora
10:30AM - 11:30AM
In ancient times qvevri, the ceramic pot, was the natural vessel of choice for fermenting wine. Today it is a conscious decision to use clay jars or amphora. But what is the influence of and how do wines benefit from being fermented in amphora? We'll properly geek out on the key points of permeability, the choice of lining and the contribution to mouthfeel.

With Nik Mavromatis, Greystone Winery & Stephen Wong, MW

The orange wine phenomena
12PM - 1PM
Orange, Amber, Skin-fermented Whites - whatever you call them, these chameleon wines have dominated the natural wine space and found their way onto wines lists and even the Master of Wine exams!

Come join Stephen Wong MW on a journey through the history and styles of these enigmatic wines; from Georgian Qvevri wines to Gorizian; from aromatic fruit-styles to oxidatively-aged. Learn how they're made and pick up tips on how to make sense of it all.

With Stephen Wong, MW & Jane Skilton, MW

Maceration lengths of red wine
1:30PM - 2:30PM
You've no doubt heard of vins de soif - wines of thirst, famously made with short ferments to be as juicy and forwardly drinkable as possible. There also exists wine at the opposite end of the scale, fermented for months longer than normal, building structure and changing as it macerates on the skins. The results are not always what you expect!

Come taste the results and listen to the winemakers who craft them talk about their inspirations.

With Huw Kinch of Pyramid Valley & Francis Hutt of Carrick

Is natural the enemy of fine wines?
3PM - 4PM
A debate that has raged since the rise of the natural wine scene more than a decade ago.

There is no question that there are wines which span the two halves of the wine world, yet others which defiantly stand in opposition to the very concept. If fine wine is defined as age-worthy, refined, pinnacles of terroir, how do natural wine philosophies of non-intervention, acceptance of minor flaws and extreme drinkability reconcile themselves with fine wine? Do they have to?

Come join our (sometimes rowdy) panel in bashing out the arguments surrounding this topic.

With Jane Skilton, MW, Nick Mills of Rippon & Amy Farnsworth of Paritua Wines.

The big SO2 question
4:30PM - 5:30PM
It's virtually impossible to talk about natural wine without the big SO2 question coming up. To sulfur or not to sulfur? How much is too much? Why does it even matter?

In this workshop we'll look at sulfured and unsulfured examples and discuss the the role of SO2 in winemaking and its place in the natural wine scene.

With Lucie Lawrence of Aurum & Nicholas Brown of Black Estate.